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Tiger Moon: Book of Shadows...

giving into what has got me..

10 May
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I am a 14 year old elemental witch. I guess you could just say solitary, i haven't done a circle with anyone else besides my mom and my best friend though i think it would be awesome to do it in a group. I have just been practicing wicca for over a year now, though ever since i was little i always had an interest in witchcraft. Then i was supresses by society and was miserable because i wish it could actually be real, but i still looked at playful spell books and such and barnes and nobles. At the age of 11 i even started making up rituals and casting circles with the use of pixie sticks as a form of chalk. At the time i didn't even know what wicca was.
When i was 13 my mom bought my a tarot set, and a thick black book so i could write "mystical" things in it. That's all she said at the time because my father was very disaproving of occult-like things. After that my mom checked out a book from the library on wicca and advised me to read it. She has always been into it, also, though she isn't very well educated on much. So here i am now, feeling like i have acomplished something each day.